I-ACT Convention

I just returned from an incredible experience at the I-ACT Convention in Orlando, Florida where I was one of twenty five or so exhibitors from around the Country.

It was the best all around convention I’ve ever attended in almost forty years of holistic health education and exhibiting. The I-ACT Members, staff and exhibitors were awesome! After making numerous new friends and business contacts, I felt like I was leaving my family and was in no hurry to return home.

Unlike thousands of other health professionals I’ve personally contacted over the past 6 months and exhibiting at 4 other Expo’s, this group was receptive, aware, open-minded, devoted, fun and much more.

For the most part, this group showed great interest in Prescript-Assist for themselves and their clients. Very few probiotic/prebiotic formulas are effective or 100% organic, broad spectrum SBO’s with published studies and citing’s by 70+ other health professionals. Many are toxic and most don’t survive the trip through the stomach acids and bile no matter how many cfu’s are listed on the bottle. Check-out google scholar for yourself and type in Prescript-Assist.


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