About Us

Jim Wright is the founder of Wright Synergy Connection. He was raised in the fertile Santa Clara Valley of Central California before most of the fruit orchards were ripped out to make way for the explosion of condos and Silicon Valley tech companies. Jim bolted for Santa Cruz County in the early seventies where he began his studies regarding alternative health and organic farming when he wasn’t working, surfing or raising his wonderful daughter.

Throughout the next forty years, Jim has continued his studies with nutrition, food preparation, numerous alternative health modalities, Feng Shui design, the retail Garden Center business and several other professions. Due to several work-related injuries from helicopter logging, pool/landscape & general construction, plus working with a ground crew for the airline industry, he came upon the incredible benefits of infrared sauna technology and essentially eliminated his pain.  As a result, he became a dealer for the only American made infrared sauna company, TheraSauna, which he still believes is the best infrared sauna made to date based on years of personal use and customer feedback.

Through his years of organic gardening and several garden center operations, Jim realized the importance of bees to our food supply and all of the beneficial products, vitamins, minerals, etc. that are derived from their efforts. Jim and millions of others have eliminated most of their allergies thanks to local bee pollen!  Local bee pollen has been found to have better results with regards to specific seasonal plant allergies, which can usually be found at your local Health Food Store, Farmers Market or local beekeeper.

Recently, Jim became the National Distributor for MirorCore’s family of life-changing products. These proprietary formulas include:  Miror EPF for cellular protection and whole-body support;  Miror FACE the facts for dermal inflammation support; and Miror Mission Complete plant-based cleaning solution like no other. Jim is extremely excited about MirorCore’s existing and soon-to-be-released formulas.

Several years ago, Jim discovered the next generation of probiotics/prebiotics formulated by Safer Medical, Inc., called Prescript-Assist. Virtually everyone can benefit from this amazing product due to the fact that most dis-ease starts in the gut. Jim is thrilled to be a distributor for a probiotic of such high quality with a multitude of healing benefits! This product is unlike any other due to:  the manufacturing process; three published studies; years of clinical testing; no allergens, hidden fillers or GMO’s; unparalleled shelf stability; 29 resident soil-based organisms; and the Leonardite prebiotic composed of humic/fulvic acids which enable the organisms to be fed and safely pass the stomach acids/bile, then flourish and multiply once they arrive in the gut and get down to the business of balancing the environment in the intestines.

When Jim is not promoting his business products, he enjoys home improvements, gardening, photography, hiking, traveling and being in, on, or near water!


To fulfill Jim’s desire to contribute to the health — and thus the wellbeing — of all forms of life (especially humanity) Jim is committed to providing a synergistic approach to healing, which includes battling the effects of the common causes of dis-ease in our society; including the overuse of antibiotics, chlorinated water… not to mention the chemical toxins existing in the oceans, our soil, our food, the air we breathe, our water supplies and last but certainly not least…GMO’s and the numerous corporations that support them.

Jim would like to mention a special thanks to his partner Denise for all her contributions, his extended family, many diverse friends, hundreds of past co-workers & employers, numerous health professionals and all those old souls in body or spirit who have contributed to his journey this time around.

Best of health and happiness to all!