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Distributor: Enriching Gifts – Digestive Plant Enzymes

Distributor: Enriching Gifts – Digestive Plant Enzymes

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Enzymes are vital to the health of all individuals and animals that are consuming cooked and processed foods. Plant Enzymes with GR8CF-77™represent the cutting edge in enzyme formulation and are the result of over 26 years of research.


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Distributor: Prescript Assist™ Broad Spectrum Probiotic and Prebiotic

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Prescript-Assist™ is the next generation broad spectrum probiotic and prebiotic supplement for gastrointestinal support. It contains 28 strains of soil-based microorganisms and is the product of over ten years of clinical development and testing. Prescript-Assist is Safer Medical, Inc.’s flagship product. Safer Medical, Inc. is committed to providing quality-of-life product technologies.



Distributor: MirorCore/Solaris – Clinical solutions for daily detox

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MirorCore/Solaris products are a unique proprietary blend of amazing plant sterols, extracts and essential oils that work ‘wonders’ from sanitizing food; cleaning your home; effectively dealing with fungus, mold and viruses; detoxing the body; maintaining cellular wellness; parasite elimination in humans, pets and livestock; to increased crop production in fruit, vegetables and grain.



Distributor: Ancient Minerals – Ultra Pure Topical Magnesium

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The better way to get your magnesium. Topical formulas include; gels, lotions, oils, and bath flakes.  Products available in “Original” or “Ultra” with MSM or Melatonin.